Professional customization for your interior

Want to customize your home or some rooms? Domum Interior and Furniture realizes your interior tailored to your home and wishes. From design to implementation. In our own workshop or that of other fellow carpenters. And always with the final assembly and finishing at Domum Interior and Furniture.

How do we make a difference? With striking materials in a timeless aesthetic. In this way, the customization in your interior becomes a fully-fledged part of the architecture.

You are welcome with us as a private individual and (interior) architect.

Customization: from one piece of furniture to complete interiors.

In times of mass production, Domum Interior and Furniture deliberately swims against the current. Each design is 100 percent unique and handmade. In a traditional way. In a design that matches what you – as a private individual or interior designer – have in mind.

We manufacture custom solutions for private interiors – from kitchen to living room, from bedroom to home office.
But also for your office, business or practice space. In doing so, we ensure optimal use of space, maximum harmony and a nice balance between aesthetics and functionality.

You are welcome with us for:

• one or more custom-made furniture
• the (re)furnishing of one or more rooms
• a total project

In the latter case, you can count on us for the creative design, production in our own workshop and/or with fellow professionals, and flawless installation and technical support.

Do you have a design in mind? We advise you about the possibilities and execute it impeccably.

Honest materials, excellent value for money

For your customized interior, we prefer sustainable, natural materials such as solid wood – from oak and walnut to ash. Now stripped down and reduced to the essence. Then again detailed – with relief, lines, patchwork – for a touch of grandeur.

We also like to work with marble, metal, glass and characterful fabrics. They lend themselves to a variety of applications and have a luxurious appearance. We take them out of their classical context and push the boundaries.
This way you get customization that gives your interior cachet.

A taste of the possibilities? See, feel and experience the materials?

Visit our showroom, during opening hours or by appointment.

Quirky collection.

Domum Interior and Furniture also has its own collection of furniture. Pure in shape, in responsible materials, with a creative twist.

From seating furniture to lounge and dining tables. And from wall cabinets to floating furniture and sideboards. And all of this in excellent quality, for a fair price.

This furniture is also handmade. By first-class carpenters who put their soul into it.
In addition to the ‘standard version’, you can choose from various materials, sizes and finishes.

This way your piece of furniture becomes an interior element tailored to your desires.