Bar Stool Low Clover

This low stool breaks with traditional conventions due to the special shape of the seat. The upward seating parts refer to a three-leaf clover. Due to the slightly tapered shape of the components and the side notches, this design looks extra dynamic and airy.

The three legs are interconnected with wooden crossbars – a nice contrast to the lovely leaf shape of the seat. This gives this bar stool a look that is somewhere between industrial and poetic.

This low stool looks great at a bar, a kitchen island or in a catering setting. This unique piece in European oak or walnut reconciles traditional craftsmanship with an idiosyncratic design language.

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  • Depth: 41 cm
  • Height: 63 cm
  • Width: 52 cm


  • Wood type
    • Oak
    • Walnut
    • Es

Weight: 4,4 kg

Price: € 462 (excl. VAT)

Production time: 6-8 weeks

Designer: Aleksandar Ugresic
Producer: Hookl und stool

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Bar Stool Low Clover

 462,00 (excl. VAT)

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