Callisto Speakers

Domum Interior’s Callisto speakers have been designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, giving them a real sense of originality.

Made from solid wood, these handcrafted Hi-Fi speakers are available in European oak or walnut, or in black lacquered wood. The standard model features a black-lacquered wooden base on which the speaker is fixed and can be rotated in all directions. In another version, the speakers are each fixed to a one-meter-high stand.

The speakers are available in different sizes. The smallest version has a diameter of 20 cm, the medium version 30 cm, and the largest 40 cm. These different formats allow you to choose the speakers best suited to your living space.

The drivers are also customizable. You can choose a black or grey membrane in combination with the oak cabinet (see photo opposite). These speakers are then fitted with a high-quality Visaton B80 full-range driver.
The Callisto speakers shown here are in walnut. The smallest version features a copper-colored Alpair 7 driver. As for the larger speakers, they feature copper-colored Alpair 11 series drivers (see photo opposite). These combinations create a seventies look.

The speakers are always sold in pairs in the same version, but different pairs can be combined in various sizes, to achieve an even more impressive sound experience.

Domum Interior also offers a wireless amplifier and multi-room music system. This system lets you connect and control different devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Ethernet ports. You can even connect your turntable.
The amplifier is rated at 50 watts, guaranteeing powerful, clear sound.

Domum Interior’s Callisto speakers combine craftsmanship, high-quality materials and outstanding sound quality to deliver an exceptional listening experience. Whether you opt for a modern design or a retro look, these speakers blend stylishly into any interior, while delivering excellent audio performance.

Product Passport

Set includes:

  • 2 speakers in wood
  • 2 drivers in colour of your choice
  • 2 stands low model
  • connections and wiring


  • Large version: diameter: 40 cm
  • Medium version: diameter: 30 cm
  • Small version: diameter 20 cm


  • Wood type
    • Oak
    • Walnut
    • Black lacquered

Color driver

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Copper

Tripod height: 100 cm

Optional: amplifier

Price large version, oak: € 2550
Price large version, walnut: € 2640
Price large version, laquered black: € 2330

Price medium version, oak: € 1930
Price medium version, walnut: € 1980
Price medium version, laquered black: € 1800

Price small version, oak: € 1470
Price small version, walnut: € 1500
Price small version, laquered black: € 1430

Price high tripod: € 480

Amplifier: € 220

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Callisto Speakers

 1 430,00 2 640,00

Quantities & wood options

Available in wood types:

Other options (Order by e-mail)

High tripod: € 480
Amplifier: € 220