Most Bench

This bench saw the light following the coveted Relax lounge chair. Like the Relax lounge chair, this design has a base reminiscent of a bridge. Slim and sturdy, architectural and poetic – a sculptural bench that stands out without fuss.

The possibilities in your interior are endless. Place the bench freestanding, as a seating element at the dining room table, or even at the back end of your bed. Thanks to the slenderness and openness of the design, the sofa looks light while still being able to withstand rough handling. Comfort is excellent, thanks to the soft seat and the free space under the sofa for your feet.

Product Passport


  • Length: 150 cm or 180 cm
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Height: 45 cm


  • Wood type:
    • Oak
    • Walnut
  • Fabric upholstery cushion: wool or textile by Dedar Milano
  • Finish proposed model:
    • Wood type: walnut
    • Fabric upholstery cushion: textile by Dedar Milano
  • Option other fabrics on request

Price in wool 150 cm: € 1580 (excl. VAT)
Price in wool 180 cm: € 1900 (excl. VAT)
Price in dedar 150 cm: € 1850 (excl. VAT)
Price in dedar 180 cm: € 2270 (excl. VAT)

Production time: 14 – 16 weeks

Designer: Aleksandar Ugresic
Producer: Hookl und stool

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Most Bench

 1 580,00 2 270,00 (excl. VAT)

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