Rhea Cake Stand

This handmade cake stand is truly unique as both aesthetics and functionality are incorporated into the design. The use of European walnut wood gives the dish a warm and elegant look. The natural tones and rich grain of the wood add a sense of beauty and sophistication to the design.
It is important to note that this cake stand is more than just a dish. It is an exceptional piece that stands out from other dishes on the market. Note the carefully finished fine plate, which is perfectly rounded and merges with the sturdy foot. This interplay of design and craftsmanship allows the cake stand to even be used as a decorative centerpiece on your dining table.

It is a multifuntional item, whether serving a delicious cake or presenting an elaborate cheese buffet. These cake stand is perfectly combinable with other items from Domum Interior’s “kitchen accessories” collection.

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Dimensions large version

  • Diameter: 40 cm
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Weight: 4kg

Dimensions small version

  • Diameter: 30 cm
  • Height: 15 cm
  • Weight:: 2,5kg


  • Wood types
    • Oak
    • Walnut


  • Large version: € 170
  • Small version: € 130
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Rhea Cake Stand

 130,00 170,00

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