Our passion for projects and customization

You are welcome as a private individual or (interior) architect. Both for single pieces and for a (total) project, including light studies and color advice. Where necessary, we join forces with third parties, for example for electricity, plumbing and painting.

Design and assembly are done in our own workshop in Belgium; the production takes place in Europe.

Local production guarantees a short chain and unparalleled quality.

DANSAERT | Brussels

This apartment is located in the popular Dansaert neighborhood in the heart of Brussels. In terms of interior, it fits seamlessly with the avant-garde atmosphere of the district.

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After this duplex was completely gutted, a nice surprise turned up: historic brick walls and granite pillars. Far too valuable to hide away, so Domum Interior prominently integrated them into the new interior.

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LA LATINA | Madrid

In this historic building in Madrid, the ground floor space had been treated poorly. Domum Interior was commissioned to furnish an apartment there. The original elements presented both a challenge and an opportunity.

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FOGATA | Corsica

This stylish villa in Corsica offers spectacular views of the coastline. The contemporary and bright house is a pearl of a holiday home, luxuriously furnished with high-quality materials, design and custom furniture.

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CASTELINE | Brussels

The Italian restaurant Frasca, with its extensive custom work in oak wood, results in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Marble and glass elements provide a classy touch.

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BONNEVOIE | Luxemburg

This house in Luxembourg was given a custom interior in which walnut wood plays the leading role. The challenge was to reconcile sleek elements with curves, in a classy whole with a distinct personality.

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MEIR | Antwerp

This penthouse in the heart of Antwerp has plenty of assets. From generous windows that provide beautiful light, to high ceilings that emphasize the spatial feeling. Domum Interior unleashed its craftsmanship and creativity.

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St JACOBS | Leuven

A client from Leuven approached Domum Interior for the furnishing of an office space in a beautiful presbytery house. The customization fits seamlessly with the original elements such as the roof trusses in solid wood.

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