DANSAERT | Brussels

An apartment with style

This flat is located in the popular Dansaert neighbourhood in the heart of Brussels.


In terms of interiors, it fits in seamlessly with the avant-garde atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Domum Interior furnished the entire living space with bespoke elements. European walnut and white lacquer are the protagonists in this interior story. Maximum use was made of the surface area, and the high ceilings – an asset in this residence – also stand out.

The completely new kitchen was finished in European walnut with a striking veined marble wall and worktop. The wall unit with its streamlined design contains an abundance of storage space. By playing with open and closed elements, this furniture feels playful and dynamic. Furthermore, this kitchen is equipped with all comforts and gadgets. Note the continuous wood grain of the cabinets, an eye for detail and meticulous finishing by Domum Interior.

A beautiful mix

The mix of wood and marble in the kitchen and the rounded contoured finish of the wall unit result in an up-and-coming contemporary feel.
The dining table, with its light oak base and matt black lacquered top, creates a beautiful and elegant contrast.

Functional and aesthetic

The low custom-made wall unit in the same wood species gives the room a sense of openness and harmony.

An eye-catcher that excels functionally and aesthetically whose white top cleverly combines with the open wall rack.
In the white wall rack, function, form, and aesthetics come together beautifully. Perfect for displaying books, photos, and a touch of greenery.

The design of the coffee table balances between powerful and originality. A characterful and timeless design that lets craftsmanship speak for itself.