Apartment with allure

This apartment is located in the popular Dansaert neighborhood in the heart of Brussels.

In terms of interior, it fits seamlessly with the avant-garde atmosphere of the district. Domum Interior furnished the entire living space with custom elements. Oak and black (metal) are the protagonists in this interior story. The surface was used to the maximum, and the high ceilings – an asset in this residence.

The abundance of wood looks light and at the same time warm in combination with the clear base and the black details. The metal elements give the whole a tough, industrial touch. By playing with open and closed elements, the space has a playful and dynamic appearance. The high TV cabinet is an eye-catcher that excels on a functional and aesthetic level.


Perfect for displaying books, photos and a touch of greenery. The other high unit with three chests of drawers again offers practical storage space, as well as shelves for art objects or trouvailles. The large and small tables are also in oak and black metal – a repetition of materials that contributes to the harmony. The black 3D wall creates a dramatic effect.

A sturdy, artistic eye-catcher that contrasts nicely with the white base.

All furniture was custom made with perfect proportions and a meticulous finish.