LA LATINA | Madrid

Verticalism as a statement

In this historic building in Madrid, the ground floor space had been treated poorly. Domum Interior was commissioned to furnish an apartment there. The original elements presented both a challenge and an opportunity. The old masonry wall was magnificently integrated into the new interior.

Because little light enters, the base was kept airy. On the floor is a seamless floor in epoxy. Good for a spacious feeling and to put the custom furniture in the picture. To make the best possible use of the modest surface area, the kitchen was conceived ‘slim’: sober elegance in a refined design. The many vertical lines, including on the cabinet fronts and in the millwork, refer to the shape of the windows and reinforce the sense of height.

Wood and metal in balanced proportions give this apartment a powerful expression, while the glass provides transparency. Also note the geometric drawings on the woodwork of cabinets and wall elements. Silent witnesses to the decorative and artistic talent of the master joiner.