MARITIME | Brussels

Reviving the seventies

This flat is located in the new hip neighbourhood of Thurn & Taxis.

To highlight the stylishness of the high ceilings and create a warm atmosphere, Domum Interior decorated the entire living space with custom-made elements. Choosing a retro look, which blends seamlessly with the beautiful window design, blends effortlessly with a contemporary modern style.

Playful and rhythmic

As soon as you enter the room, the wall unit in European walnut immediately catches your eye. This piece of furniture has a sophisticated and unique design that is both ingenious and distinctive. The design of the shelves combined with the low commodes creates a stunning visual impact. The walnut wood adds warmth and depth to the room, while the open design creates a sense of lightness and spaciousness.

The commodes offer practical storage space, as do the shelves for books and trouvailles or the cool, artsy Callisto music boxes designed by Domum Interior. A feast for the eyes and a source of delight for the ears.

Warm and functional

The spacious new kitchen, finished in European walnut, effortlessly manages to attract attention without being overbearing. It creates a striking and warm atmosphere, especially when combined with a striking, veined dark green marble wall and worktop.
Moreover, the warm look is further enhanced by the addition of thoughtful LED lighting, which adds an extra dimension to the kitchen experience.

Harmony with an eye for detail

The combination of wood and marble in the kitchen, together with the rounded finish of the matching wall unit, gives a refined and stylish look. Nice detail: the wood grains that run seamlessly into the cabinet fronts. This sublime craftsmanship emphasises the artisanal look and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

The delineated bar furniture and round table invite socialising and create a sense of comfort and hospitality.These designs by Domum Interior are carefully crafted to bring a sense of harmony and light dose of sensuality to the space.