MEIR | Antwerp

Antwerp – living and working in style

This penthouse in the heart of Antwerp has plenty of assets. From generous windows that provide beautiful light, to high ceilings that emphasize the spatial feeling. Domum Interior unleashed its craftsmanship and creativity.

Light versus dark

After the refurbishment, the elongated, relatively narrow living space appears larger than it is. Maximum effort was therefore made to utilize and accentuate the height. Executing all furniture and custom-made elements in light oak creates a harmonious whole and a beautiful visual unity. Moreover, the light tones stand out against the dark parquet floor and the black rug. That contrast injects dynamism and character into the home.

Sleek versus domestic

The design is even more important than the color and material of the custom work. We see a combination of straight lines – for example the floating wall cabinet – and rounded shapes such as those of the home office. Also note the constructions with vertical slats: a smart intervention to emphasize the sense of height.

The narrow slatted wall between the home office and living space also transparently demarcates the functions. For a playful effect and a cozy vibe, mood lighting was integrated into the customization. Although aesthetics predominate, no compromises have been made in terms of functionality: the furniture offers plenty of storage space and comfort. Finally, the interplay of new and old elements ensures personality and charisma.

Living and working flow together silently, while they are still sufficiently ‘demarcated’ from each other.