St JACOBS | Leuven

Renovation with respect for the soul

A client from Leuven approached Domum Interior for the furnishing of an office space in a beautiful presbytery house. The customization fits seamlessly with the original elements such as the roof trusses in solid wood.

Respect for existing elements

The space under the roof is remarkably high and equipped with a roof window to bring in the daylight. The robust wooden beams determine the atmosphere here: they reveal the soul of the house. Their aesthetic and architectural value is particularly great, but this space lacked comfort and practicality.

Domum Interior was commissioned to transform the attic into an attractive office space with many storage options. And all this in a style that matches the authentic construction, without visually dominating it.

Creating a floating ‘illusion’

The low cabinets along the wall were meticulously tailored to the space – a technical feat. The steel bases guarantee sturdiness and underline the modern look. The oak wood, in turn, meets the demand for a look and feel that is as natural as possible. By resting the cabinets on steel legs, they seem to float. The integrated LED lighting – both under and in the cabinets – emphasizes that feeling of lightness and contributes to the warm atmosphere.

Nice detail: the wood pattern continues in the fronts of the cabinets. This makes the traditional customization even more eye-catching.

This metamorphosis shows a fascinating interplay between old and new, and between ‘heavy’ elements versus optically light constructions.